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■■■■John Gustavus Adolphus Williamson. Envoy To Caracas.“Unaware of the ant-hills or the chapel, John Gustavus Adolphus Williamson lies undisturbed and forgotten ‘in a foreign situation.’”Rt@by Charles H. Mcarver, Jr., 19962 Dec. 1793–7 Aug. 1840.” in March 1826 he was appointed U.S. counsel to La Guayra in the new nation of Gran Colombia. “..” on 3 Mar. 1835, when he was appointed chargé d’affairs to Venezuela. He was the first U.S. diplomatic representative to that South American republic. “” he died six months later and was buried in the English cemetery in Caracas.” “The British consul Sir Robert Ker Porter saw to the arrangements of his friend and colleague. Williamson was interred in the English cemetery in Caracas, where a chapel was erected at Sir Robert’s “sole expense.””John G.A. Williamson’s diary presents a number of prominent persons, though as Lucas suggests, “Mention . . . does not imply . . . intimacy with all of them.” The most readily identifiable of these persons were Daniel O’Leary, Lord Henry Peter Brougham, Simon Bolivar, Jose Antonia Paez, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (to whom Williamson referred as “rib of her ribs”), and Henry Clay.”http://www.ncgenweb.us/person/hist-markers/williamson-marker.htmRt@Jane Lucas DeGrummond, ed., Caracas Diary, 1835–1840 (1954) and Envoy to Caracas (1951).De Grummond, Jane Lucas. 1951. Envoy to Caracas; the story of John G.A. Williamson, nineteenth-century diplomat. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. John Gustavus Adolphus Williamson (1793–1840)State of Residence: North CarolinaChargé d’Affaires (Venezuela)Appointed: March 3, 1835Presentation of Credentials: June 30, 1835Termination of Mission: Died at post on August 7, 1840https://history.state.gov/departmenthistory/people/williamson-john-gustavus-adolphus