■■■■” What’s interesting about the process of consular acting is how often you don’t know what you’re doing in the visa line for the act of the consular interview.” Glenn


■■■■The U S. Public Charge presumption (INA 212(a)(4)) The INA 212(a)(4) applies to all visa applicants in the visa line because after U.S. admission the alien can be dependent on the U.S. Federal, State or Local Government for subsistence. During the consular interview, Consular Officers in the visa line may request specific financial evidence and supporting documents to confirm the visa applicant’s support during his/her future U.S. temporary stay and to confirm return to his/her home country. Absent evidence in the visa line gives FSO reason to believe that a public charge concern exists. RT@:■■■■■Aliens Seeking Admission For Medical Treatment in the U.S. Jan 03, 2018. Stay tuned.. . ” If the personal resources of an applicant seeking admission to the United States for medical treatment are not sufficient or are unavailable for use outside the country of residence, detailed documentation regarding the arrangements made for the applicant’s medical care and support may confirm the financial ability of the guarantor to pay for medical treatment. Normally, this would include letters from the treating physician or hospital explaining the course and cost of treatment, including financial arrangements therefor, and letters from family, friends, or charitable organizations undertaking to cover the costs of medical care and support. “