​■■■■■28 Typical Mistakes When An American Visa Applications Is Rejected: By Glenn R. Morales

■■■■■28 Typical Mistakes When An American Visa Applications Is Rejected: 

By Glenn R. Morales 

Let’s have a look now, at some of the more typical mistakes that people make when they have had their American visa applications rejected or revoked:
1. Look for an on-line Blog in Google, where they can read about the experiences that other people have had and how they solved the problem, quickly and free of charge.
2. Decide to send e-mails to a long list of lawyers, so they can compare their fees and so choose the least expensive one.
3. Call a travel agency and ask them to help.
4. Decide to consult a witch, a wizard, or simply an inexpensive “agent” who could deal with the American consulate for them.
5. Decide to go back to the U.S. Consulate, totally unprepared, but on repeated occasions, hoping that one day someone at the consulate will finally agree to grant them a visa.
6. Seek help from friends in case they might know of someone who might be able to advise them about the best way to proceed.
7. Insist on pressuring their lawyers to keep on sending letters to the consulate asking them to solve their situations.
8. Write letters themselves to the consulate or to the Ambassador, insisting on a favurable response.
9.Go to newspaper reporters to have their cases published, hoping to embarrass the consulate into granting them a visa.
10. Hiring a lawyer to accompany you to the consulate on the day of your interview doesn’t work either, it only annoys the consulate staff.
11. Search “night and day” to find a person who has “a connection” at the consulate, who could probably find out what is happening with their case and what they can do to settle it.

12. Keep on calling the consulate constantly to find out the status of their case.
13. Go personally to the consulate to ask about their case and to inquire why their application was refused.
14. Put notices in Internet begging that “somebody … anybody”, give them some information, or any help they can, to solve their problem.
15. Download paid books from Internet on how to solve visa problems.
16. Look for a spiritual help to advise them.
17. Explain their problems to all their friends, at parties and get-togethers and ask their opinions.
18. Try getting a new visa from a consulate in another country.
19. Send letters to the American Ambassador insisting that someone attend to their case.
20. Get a new Passport using another name and apply for a new visa.
21. Falsify bank statements to try and demonstrate that they have sufficient money.
25. Falsify medical reports.
26. Falsify evidence to apply for political asylum.
27, Try entering the U.S.A. illegally.
28. Keep on trying constantly with the same “agent”, or travel agent, for them to fill-out their visa application forms.